The kitchen is the operation center of the home, the furniture is subjected to a demanding use. In Gm kitchens, after decades of dedication to the furniture industry and more than 250,000 made kitchens, we know what's important: quality materials, technical accuracy, and master craftsmanship.

Quality materials

We only use components with stringent quality certificates. All materials used on surfaces, overcome large tests related of wear, resistance to vapor, chemicals and light exposure. We check the maximum load capacity of the shelves. Ironworks overcome extreme resistance tests and high number of cycles of use.

Technical precision


We have the most advanced production systems, which allows high precision machining and high quality finishes. We use the edge bonding system Pur, that significantly increases resistance to humidity and heat.


Control from receipt of materials, all steps related to the manufacture of each kitchen. The production is made on order with high level of product customization for each client. For this we have a highly qualified team, supplementing production through advanced technological systems. Just like that we get a unique final product, according to customer needs and quality standards Gm.